PS-75/45-4 - Red-Dee-2 Connect Powerpole Splitter

PS-75/45-4 - Red-Dee-2 Connect Powerpole Splitter

PS-75/45-4 - Designed to provide a low loss, high current, power distribution from a 75 amp lead to (4) 45/30/15 amp Powerpole outlets enabling the breaking out of main power distribution lines (6 to 10 gauge) to run multiple devices in a vehicle or shack. More Description
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This unique device is simple and convenient to use either at home or in the field. Some other unique features are:

  • 75 amps at 58 VDC capabilities
  • Low loss connectors
  • Fits in your “Go Bag”
  • Uses proven Anderson Powerpole® connectors
  • Various connector options
  • No power dissipative component
  • Uses unique buss bar construction
  • New patent pending connector assembly concept provides DC power distribution.
  • No resistive devices that waste energy such as fuses or indicators
  • Use the RACES and ARRL recognized Powerpole® connectors
  • Maximize voltage-operating window for battery-powered operation.
  • Tested to meet the voltage standard in future new vehicles.
  • Dimensions: 3 1/4" X 1 3/4" X 7/8"

These assemblies are designed for minimum loss and higher current capacity. Do not include resistive devices such as fuses or indicators, which reduce the battery powered voltage-operating window.

Fuses, and/or fused disconnect switches, with or without indicators should be used at the source of power as appropriate. The fuses and fused-disconnect at the source is to prevent fire or damage from excessive currents in the wires feeding the load. Each powered device should have its own integrated or connected fuse assembly. That will help assure that the wrong fuse value is not used. Protect your expensive, valuable equipment.

Customer Reviews

PS-75/45-4 - Red-Dee-2 Connect Powerpole Splitter

Rating: 5 Stars
5/ 5
Awesome Splitter...
By from West Chesterfield, NH

I used this 4 way Splitter to split the power to my HF rig, VHF/UHF rig and then on to the PS-6AA - Red-Dee-2 In Line 6-Way Powerpole Splitter to power everything else that needed 12 volt DC. It even leaves one of the 4 connectors open so I can occasionally connect a charger to charge my solar system in the winter when it doesn't quite get enough sun to reach full charge. Like all the products here they are top notch high quality and work easily, reliably and are safer than all the ancient connectors we've all used in the past. Way to go! :-)

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