Safety Stop II Red Light Enforcement

Allows officers to view red light violations from a safe location. Mounts to your existing traffic light fixtures with a 3-wire hook-up. View yellow, red phasing of traffic signal up to 150 feet. Tattletale lights, rat lights or boxes, red light indicators More Description
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  • Dimensions: 2"H x 2"W x 10"D
  • Input Voltage Requirements: 100 ~ 133 VAC, 60Hz
  • Input Current Requirements: 200 mA
  • Outside Housing: All Aluminum Design
  • Product Life Span: 5~8 Years (Typical 6 Years)
  • Lights: High intensity LED type
  • LED Colors: Safety Red and Yellow
  • Visibility Range: Up to 150 feet
  • Operation Parameters: Parallels existing Red/Yellow Traffic Light
  • Elements: Water / Snow resistant
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20 to +140 Deg. F
  • Warranty: Limited 2 Year Vehicle
Safety Stop II Red Light Enforcement

Use for right, left turn and straight intersection red light violations. Long-life led design typically last 6+ years. Greatly increases officer safety. Low cost, write 2 tickets and pay for each unit.

May be used in place of a red light camera. Helps with red light enforcement or traffic enforcement. Provides a safer intersection. Helps officers write red light tickets and give red light citations. Provides officer safety. Also known as a Red light indicator lights, red light indicators, signal indicator lights, enforcement lights, white enforcement lights, rat lights or rat boxes, safe stop, tattletale lights..

Patented design - U.S. Patent #7,274,307.