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Crimping vs. Soldering

One of the many questions we receive is it best to solder or crimp the connectors? Either is OK, but each method should be done properly. If you are going to crimp use a crimper that will not destroy the round shape of the contact. Some brands of crimpers deform the barrel of the contact into an oval. The oval will not allow easy insertion into the housing and therefore requires re-crimping to make sure the contact is still a rounded shape.

Soldering is also acceptable, but you have to make sure that not too much solder is applied and that it does not run down onto the tongue (tip of the contact). Solder flux and solder on the contact add to the resistance of the connection.

In either case if you are using a wire size that may be too small for the contact you may have to fold the wire over (doubling) and then insert it into the contact to properly fill the hole to be able to make a proper crimp/solder connection.

Please refer to our Powerpole General Assembly Instructions more information.

We stock a variety of crimping tools and a soldering iron for use with our products.